‘I STAND FOR ANDALUCÍA 2’ second edition of a youth-led report gathering the ideas of youth people from the south of Spain for the the future of Europe


Since last April, #STANDFORSOMETHING youth activist José Juan Núñez Timermans, has organised many virtual and face-to-face events in collaboration with the Andalusian Youth Institute (IAJ). The aim of these events was to bring the voice of the Spanish youth from Andalusia to the Conference on the Future of Europe. 


In August, 2021 José Juan published his first report, gathering a selection of proposals from very diverse youth groups, including hard to reach communities living in small villages (where it’s difficult for Europe’s voice to get through), persons with functional diversity, migrants and refugees. 


The second edition of the “I Stand For Andalucía” report continues to demonstrate that young people have political opinions, attitudes and even a clear agenda on what they expect from elected representatives for their future. 


Developing a “Greenasmus +” to support and develop projects to protect the environment,  facilitating railway connections between all European countries, creating a European social network for paid internships in Europe to combat youth unemployment, better education on the European Union to be taught in schools, introducing a ban on the selling and buying of animals, or implementing a European Public Transport Card, are some of the ideas that emerged from the #STANDFORSOMETHING discussions organised in Andalucía. 


Moreover, the report also includes data, extracted from the #STANDFORSOMETHING research report, highlighting youth priorities for the future of Europe. 


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Available IN June 2021

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