#StandForSomething will be at the European Youth Event 2021


The European Youth Event is a massive gathering of young people organised by the European Parliament in Strasbourg. It’s a moment for young Europeans to meet each other and interact with European decision makers.

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The focus this year, unsurprisingly, is on the Conference on the Future of Europe. Within this context, #StandForSomething has been granted the opportunity to showcase our campaign, bring all Youth Activists to Strasbourg and organise two workshops.



What will we be discussing?


Our workshops will focus on several important topics to allow everyone to find the conversation that best interests them.

The first workshop is on Friday 8 October from 10.30 to 12.00 CET. It will focus on employment, discrimination and mental health. Is your priority for the Future of Europe linked to quality employment for young people, gender equality and LGBTI rights, or making sure everyone has access to mental health care? Then this is the workshop for you!


The second workshop is taking place on Saturday 9 October from 14.00 to 15.30 CET. For this one, the emphasis is on education, consumption and youth participation. Are you frustrated about old-fashioned education systems? Do you want to make conscious consumption easier? Or maybe ensure a democratic process in which young citizens are actively engaged? If so, join us for this second workshop!


What’s the role of participants?


The participants will come up with ideas for improving our society and pinpoint the precise problems with the status quo. But they don’t have to do this alone, in fact the best feedback often comes from discussing the issue with others!


Both workshops will follow the same format. The sessions will be structured in two parts: first a discussion between young people (this is when we come up with the great feedback); followed by a debate between a panel of MEPs and the young participants (this is when we make sure decision-makers listen to us).

The objective of this exchange is to see whether decision makers and young European are aligned on important topics on the Future of Europe, but also to offer an opportunity for young people to advocate directly for their recommendations.


What about the #StandForSomething youth activists?


The Youth Activist of #StandForSomething will take on separate roles during the EYE:


  • Group facilitators: Manage the conversation of one small group during a workshop. The facilitators will have to make sure everyone in the group has the chance to speak should they wish to.
  • Debate moderators: Manage the exchange between MEPs and young people. An important task is to manage the time, as each of the three topics will have to be discussed equally. And of course, make sure everyone can have their say.
  • Social media reporters: Either behind the camera or in front of it, this group will be communicating all the happenings of the EYE on social media. This means carrying out interviews with other young people, sharing the interesting elements of the EYE and spreading the #StandForSomething message.
  • Content rapporteurs: This role will be held by the debate moderators. At the end of each workshop, the debate moderators will discuss the outcome and note down the interesting points that were raised, ready to be share with the Conference on the Future of Europe.


How can you get involved?


If you are joining in person at EYE, then SIGN UP TO OUR WORKSHOPS!


You could also reach out to our social media reporter and have you voice shared on our #StandForSomething channels.


If you are unable to join in person this year, you can tune into our workshops via livestream. Follow our Instagram account to not miss any info on this (and more)!

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