‘STAND FOR ANDALUCÍA’ a youth-led research and report  highlighting young people’s concerns and aspirations in Southern Spain


Since last April, #STANDFORSOMETHING youth activist José Juan Núñez Timermans, has organised many virtual and face-to-face events in collaboration with the Andalusian Youth Institute (IAJ). The aim of these events was to bring the voice of the Spanish youth from Andalusia to the Conference on the Future of Europe. 


After several months of work, many ideas and proposals have been collected from very diverse youth groups, including hard to reach communities living in small villages (where it’s difficult for Europe’s voice to get through), persons with functional diversity, migrants and refugees.


The Report I Stand for Andalucía‘, written by José Juan Núñez Timermans, gathers a selection of these proposals, demonstrating the concerns and aspirations of young generations for the future of Europe. They have proven to have political opinions, attitudes and even a clear agenda on what they expect from elected representatives.


The Report is written in English and Spanish and highlights 9 main areas, including: climate change and the environment, health, social justice, the European Union’s foreign policy, or the digital transformation, amongst other topics. 


Strengthening EU waste policy, (5 tonnes of waste is produced by the average European each year), introducing incentives such as favourable tax conditions to environmental-friendly organisations, implementing environmental education in schools, including mental healthcare provision in European healthcare systems or introducing a European regulation that would oblige all traineeships to be remunerated, are some of the ideas that young people have for Europe. 


This initiative is part of the #STANDFORSOMETHING campaign, engaging young people to think of their priorities for the Future of Europe. The campaign is led by 21 youth activists, implementing grass roots activities to gather ideas and priorities of European youth. These will be discussed with decision-makers during the Conference on Future of Europe plenaries. 


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Report Stand for Andalucía

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Available IN June 2021

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