If you want to be part of #STANDFORSOMETHING, we’d love to feature your work

We only have a few ground rules:


  • You should be under 31 since #standforsomething is about young people and actively encouraging them to raise their voice. 
  • We are political party neutral. No matter who young people vote for as long as they raise their voice and feel represented. So, we’d like to focus on causes that are important to young people and the role the EU has in those areas. Let’s build Europe’s future together! Tell us about the things that matter to you and how those things connect to the EU and we’ll feature your article on the site and the #STANDFORSOMETHING social media.
  • Keep it to the point – attention spans are pretty short so less is more. Max 500 words.


Email us your article and the pictures to go along with it and we’ll get back to you within one week. Our address is [email protected].

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Available IN June 2021

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